Our unique casement style window design was created to provide refrigeration like seal that keeps out extreme wind and dust and provides you with a unique level of protection from the outside conditions.

The primary feature of our casement windows is that they are hinged on the sides of the frame and open from the side, usually to the outside. The casement is filled with burglar proof and mosquito net all in the casement window, which simplifies installation and peace of mind. Our windows require no extra effort related to artisan works – simply buy and install.

The benefit of an outward opening casement window is that the ventilation or air passage is significantly improved due to the various angles of openings that can be obtained, thereby maximizing the ventilation.

Mosquito/Fly net screens are typically used on the interior of casement windows.

The Casement windows are available in 1000 x 1200mm, 800 x1200mm and 900 x 1500mm.


This is an innovative product with the customer’s comfort and health in mind. The product is complementary to the kitchen doors; the solid frame is fixed with stainless steel fly/mosquito mesh, preventing mosquitoes and flies entering the kitchen and therefore preventing flies and mosquitoes going into other areas of the building.

It also acts as a decor to your kitchen with its timeless quality and look.


Available in Natural Colour.


This product provides a picturesque view of the surrounding area and is easy to operate. It is mounted on high quality wheels that allow the slider to smoothly glide across its track including the mosquito net/fly screen.

This window provides a wonderful view and opens easily to enjoy the fresh air. Sliding windows look best in contemporary homes and offices, and work well opening onto a deck or exterior or stairway, where a casement’s swing would cause issues. The screens are placed on the exterior of the window unit.

The Sliding windows are available in 1000mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 1200mm, 1500mm x 1200mm and 900mm x 600mm


Another way to enjoy nature in the comfort of your home or office is the patio door. With the aesthetic nature of our stainless steel materials, there is a beauty to the environment once the door is placed. With a tight seal between the panels provided by a quality wedging interlock, dust will stay outdoors while you enjoy an uninterrupted view of your outside surroundings.

Patio Doors afford an expansive view of the outdoors, while saving space indoors. Our Patio doors come standard with many great benefits like barrier to dust, reliable performance and aesthetic appeal. There are different sizes to choose from and you can match the décor of your home and office environment.

Available in 1800mm x 2100mm, 2700mm x 2100mm