Builders Warehouse Stainless Steel windows provides top quality with unparalleled strength and beauty, assured certified security, it is weather and rust proof. Our stainless steel windows are maintenance free. They are manufactured with your complete needs in mind as the windows are fully built with no stress associated with security grill or mosquito net installation.

Our product, stainless steel window (3in1) – window + security/burglar proof+ mosquito net comes in various forms – Casement, Sliding and Architectural windows.

As a business, we have been in the building services industry for over thirty years and have been involved in different areas ranging from registered distributors of technical equipment, building materials trading and paint manufacturing. Our CEO has a combined experience of over fourty five years in the building materials and services industry.

Having identified a need for a window that saves the customer time and money we specifically designed this window with the needs of the Nigerian market in mind. Our stainless steel windows (3in1) are easy to install and as you do not need any artisans to construct security grills thereby creating the look of a uniformed set of windows in your building; improving the beauty of your property and adding value.
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