Builders Warehouse Stainless Steel Windows provides top quality with unparalleled strength, beauty and assured certified security. It is also weather and rust proof.

Our Stainless Steel windows are maintenance free. They are built with your complete needs in mind with no other stress associated with separate security grill installations – You simply buy and install.

Our product – Stainless Steel Window (3in1) – Window + Security/Burglar Proof + Stainless Steel Mosquito Net Mesh comes in three different forms. We have the Casement style, the Sliding style and the Architectural windows style.

Our timeless quality products add value for money spent on your property. The windows have an aesthetic value and add beauty to your building. The windows come in natural, yellow golden and rose golden colours, however any other colour desired can be manufactured to suit your taste.

Our complete stainless steel windows (3in1) includes a feature, which allows for easy window access for cleaning, the windows also come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Buy and install with no delay unlike other windows in the market that require extra time for construction.

Your property is one of your most valuable lifetime investments – At Builders warehouse, we understand this and want to work with you to provide peace of mind and reap the greatest possible return from your property.





  1. Unparalleled Strength and Beauty
  2. Assured Certified Security
  3. Weather and Rust Proof
  4. Timeless Quality Guaranteed
  5. Superior aesthetic Value; Beauty to behold
  6. Buy and install – No delay; More convenient
  7. Budget Friendly; Engineered for life
  8. Produces an outstanding look for your property – added personal value